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Do you want to improve the soil quality of your farm or ranch? The STAR+ program is a great tool to support you as you incorporate soil health best practices into your operation.


STAR+ connects you with local conservation experts who you will work with to evaluate your systems, assess your land’s needs, and help you incorporate soil health management practices into your daily operations. 


STAR+ provides financial and technical assistance to reduce the risk of trying new methods and connects you with other producers already using soil health principles. 

Incorporate the five soil health principles on your land:

  • Increased Biodiversity 

  • Soil Armor 

  • Minimizing Soil Disturbance 

  • Continual Live Plant / Root 

  • Livestock Integration 


Developed by farmers for farmers.


For questions, contact the Yuma County Conservation District  at or call us to get started at 970-332-3107 ext. 9002.

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