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Dripline Grants Offered for Windbreak Trees in the

Yuma County Conservation District


The Yuma County Conservation District with funds from the Colorado Department of Agriculture through the Colorado State Conservation Board are offering a matching grant project.  This project will assist with windbreak tree dripline improvement projects specifically to help with natural resource conservation in the YCCD. 


Funds can be requested by landowners for materials needed to create or improve irrigation to windbreak trees that are currently being planted or have been planted within the past FIVE years. Water MUST be provided by the producer to the edge of the windbreak. The projects are to include the installation of dripline including the purchase of dripline, emitters, connectors, filters and other necessary supplies to water windbreak trees. 


The maximum amount for each grant is $500. Grants require matching funds amounting to 50% of the grant total.   The windbreak tree dripline improvement matching grant project is non-competitive in nature. Matching grants are given on a first­ come, first-serve basis, with projects beginning the end of April and should be concluded by the end of September 2023.


For additional information please contact Tanya Fell at the Yuma County Conservation District at 970-332-3107 ext. 9002.











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