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This Crabtree has dark pink to red flowers. It's why the prairifire flowering crabapple is so popular. The beautiful, long-lasting spring blossoms are a sight to behold. Prairifire also offer year-round beauty with its changing leaf color. Shiny maroon or red in spring, the leaves become dark green with purplish-red veins in the summer. Come Autumn the leaves become a gorgeous bronze color

The prairifire flowering crabapple is disease-resistant and is adaptable to many site conditions. Grows to 15 -20ft and 15 - 20 ft wide.

Crabapple, Prairie Fire - #5 pot

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All items must be picked up at that Yuma County Conservation District, 247 N. Clay St., Wray, CO 80758

  •  The YCCD does not guarantee the survival of trees/plants. We take care in supplying healthy quality trees/plants to each customer. Once trees/plants leave the YCCD it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that they are correctly planted and properly cared for (refer to YCCD website). No refunds once trees/plants leave YCCD property. All orders are final.

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