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YCCD 2023 Matching Rangeland Improvement Grant Project Completed

The Yuma County Conservation District (YCCD) was awarded a $25,000 grant this past year to fund rangeland improvement projects in partnership with funds from the Colorado Department of Agriculture through the Colorado State Conservation Board.  The YCCD also added an additional $10,000 in funding to increase the overall grant total to $35,000.

This grant project was able to assist six producers with funding in 2023 through the installation of 5 tanks, 8,260 feet of pipeline, 3 solar well pumps, that ultimately impacted 4608 acres of rangeland in the Yuma County Conservation District. 

By participating in the matching grant program, the Yuma County Conservation District was able to help individual producers improve the overall infrastructure of their operations.   “We are excited to be able to help landowners install such practices on their land as we all work to preserve the resources of Yuma County” said Margaret Lenz, President of the YCCD.

 The YCCD is now accepting applications for a similar funding grant project for 2024.  For more information, please contact the YCCD at 970-332-3107 extension 9002 or visit our website at

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