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Swamp milkweed is a member of the milkweed family. Its flowers are beloved by bees and butterflies. Like other milkweed species, it serves as critical host for monarch butterflies.


The blooms of swamp milkweed come in shades of soft mauve to pink to reddish-violet or occasionally white. Five nectar cups form a crown on five small petals, ideal for intricate pollination. By autumn, narrow pods reveal flat brown seeds attached to the white tufts characteristic of all milkweeds.


Like most milkweed species, swamp milkweed is clump-forming. Sturdy, upright clumps grow on stems four to five feet tall and two to three feet wide. Leaves grow in pairs, stiff, taper-pointed, and lance-shaped. Sometimes the edges of a leaf turn inward and upward.

Milkweed, Swamp - 1 quart

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