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Plant barberry bushes in full sun or partial shade. The warmer the temperatures in your area, the more shade the plants need to prevent the leaves from scorching.

Soil and Water

Well-drained soil is essential for barberry, as they don't do well with damp roots. In addition, protect your shrubs from winter damage. Barberry is a robust shrub that can tolerate many types of soil. However, the ideal soil for barberry is a well-draining, loamy soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5.

Barberry is drought tolerant, so other than during a very dry season or scorching temperatures, it's unlikely it will need watering. However, if leaves begin to fall off the plant, that's a sign that water is needed.

Barberry Shrub - #1 pot

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All items must be picked up at that Yuma County Conservation District, 247 N. Clay St., Wray, CO 80758

  •  The YCCD does not guarantee the survival of trees/plants. We take care in supplying healthy quality trees/plants to each customer. Once trees/plants leave the YCCD it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that they are correctly planted and properly cared for (refer to YCCD website). No refunds once trees/plants leave YCCD property. All orders are final.

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